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As you view the list of potential sites for your golf outing, we invite you to consider Fort Dodge Country Club. Fort Dodge Country Club will create a unique golf experience that is unparalleled and one that your participants will remember for a lifetime.

As an outing coordinator you likely fall into one of two basic categories… you love golf, cherish every minute you spend on the course and relish the duties of the golf outing coordinator… or you were absent the day of the “election”! We understand your challenge. We enjoy working with outing coordinators no matter how you came to earn the title.

The key considerations for a successful outing are the course, the staff and the service. The eighteen-hole golf course is certain to appeal to players of all levels and ages with multiple sets of tees, beautiful lush fairways, and large accommodating greens. Our professional staff will assist you all the way through the process from the very beginning of planning stages until the end of the day of your event and beyond.

Not everyone attending a golf outing is a committed golfer. We know that and we accept that. In fact, our course is perfect for that mix of player. At Fort Dodge Country Club we offer a course that is playable by all of your tournament guests. For the less accomplished golfer, the course will be a fun and friendly place to spend a day. For the enthusiastic golfer they’re going to enjoy the shot making opportunities from some of the best tees onto some of the best greens in Iowa.

When you are looking for a complete facility that can be enjoyed by everyone, look no further.

Reservations for golf outings are presently being accepted. Click the link below to download our outing contract!


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