Hird Foundation

The Bill Hird Foundation was started in 1973 and is named after a long time pro, Bill Hird.  When he died, he left money in his Will to build the maintenance shop.


Terry Prusha was then president of the Fort Dodge Country Club and asked Dan McGrevey to start a “foundation” with the hope of attracting further bequests.  Unfortunately, Dan’s personality is not one that deals with long term results and so, with the permission of the board of directors, he began requesting a one time annual donation from all members which would be used solely for the purpose of improving the golf course.  Basically, every improvement to the golf course since 1973 has been through donations to the Bill Hird Foundation.  Amongst the many improvements were the complete irrigation of the golf course (which only partially existed in 1973).  Our most recent endeavor has been the completion of the new 5 green, which opened in the spring of 2014.


Chairman, Dan McGrevey

2016 Hird Foundation Letter

  • 2016 Donors
  • MCM Rentals
  • Bergman Plumbing
  • Ned Palmer
  • Vince and Rosemary Kolacia
  • Woodruff Construction
  • David and Sue Sergeant
  • Laufersweiler and Sievers Funeral Home


The Bill Hird foundation has made many projects possible at FDCC.  All of the projects were completely funded by donation that were given to the Bill Hird Foundation. The most recent project was the completion of 5 green. 

For the completion of the 5 green move we had to relocate the existing 4 Blue tee. As with any project none of it could happen without a great crew.

Another photo shows a mock up of what the new tee signs on the golf course are going to look like.  Weather permitting the plan is to have all of the new tee signs installed by the end of the Summer.  This is an ambitious goal and will only be possible with the help of our members.