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Golf Membership

Type Monthly Payments Cash Total
Includes Spouse & Dependent Children
$149.58 $1,675.00
Includes a Spouse/Significant Other Only
$122.50 $1,350.00
Includes One Person Only
$93.34 $1,000.00
Out of Town pass
>35 Miles
(May not be billed monthly)
NA $500.00
Dependent Youth
13 Years & Under must earn right to play without an adult
(May not be billed monthly)
NA $250.00
Pool Pass
Pool only
NA $200.00
Driving Range
Family $200, Single $125, Youth $75
NA (see left)
Club Storage/Cleaning
Family $125, Single $75
NA (see left)
     Single  $83.34 $500.00
      Family  $133.34 $800.00
      25 Round Punch Pass NA $250.00
Trail Fee NA $350.00
New members will also receive a free cart punch card with a cash payment, not available if billed monthly.  Cart passes are billed April through September.